Tuesday, 22 October 2013

You Have New Matches!

*Usernames have been changed. The content is real.*

Welcome! You Have New Matches.


Orion212 answered new questions.

You should message me if:
'You are a feminine, respectful, mature, not too talkative, open-minded woman. You have good listening skills. You are of slender, athletic or curvy but small-waisted build.'

Would it bother you if your boss were a minority, female, or gay?
A: Not really, but maybe
Explanation: 'Some female bosses I had were the worst bosses.'

Would you consider dating someone who has vocalized a strong negative bias towards a certain race of people?
A: It depends on which race.

Do you believe that there exists a statistical correlation between race and intelligence?
A: Yes
Explanation: 'Countless academic studies and history confirm this, so this is what I am relying on.'

Breast implants: more cool than pathetic, or more pathetic than cool?
A: More cool than pathetic

Would you consider being in a relationship with someone who has had homosexual sex?
A: I'm not sure
Explanation: 'I see it as different for men and women.'

Would you consider dating someone that is a little overweight but has a beautiful face?
A: No.

Do you believe that men should be the heads of their household?
A: Yes.


SomeDude837 answered new questions.

Should evolution and creationism be taught side-by-side in schools?
A: No, evolution has no place in schools.

Is global warming a serious problem?
A: No
Explanation: 'I believe big government and big corporations/banks are the problem.'

Do you consider astrology to be a legitimate science?
A: Yes

In the line 'Wherefore art thou, Romeo?', what does 'wherefore' mean?
A: Where

STALE is to STEAL as 89475 is to...
A: 98547

If 'some men are doctors' and 'some doctors are tall', does it follow that 'some men are tall'?
A: Yes

Are you a genius?
A: Yes
Explanation: 'I have a high IQ and have a low tolerance for ignorance.'

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  1. Well certainly no Kong Fu Pandas in this batch... is mora trua é sin =D